Design & Build Development

                  Design and build is a term describing a procurement route in which the main contractor is appointed to design and construct the works, as opposed to a traditional contract, where the client appoints consultants to design the development and the a contractor is appointed to construct the works.

          The contractor is responsible for the design, planning, organisation, control and construction of the works to the employer’s requirements. The employer gives the tenderers the ‘Employer’s Requirements’ and the contractors respond with the ‘Contractor’s Proposals’, which include the price for the works.

          Design and build can be seen as giving a single point of responsibility for delivering the entire project. Some clients, however, consider it is only appropriate for simple projects, where design quality is not the main consideration.


Where there is a need to make an early start on site – can overlap design and construction
Where the client wishes to minimise their risk – no responsibility for design
For technically complex projects which can benefit from the contractor’s expertise
Where the employer does not want to retain full control over the design development

What are the advantages of design and build?

Single point of responsibility for design and construction
Earlier commencement on site
Early price certainty
Benefit of contractor’s experience harnessed during design